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Engaging Self Defense Programs in Bellevue, NE

While Bellevue is a relatively safe town, it’s always nice to know you have a leg-up on the average person. If you’re looking for a street-wise self-defense program that is engaging, fun, and easy to learn, enroll today in American Academies of Martial Arts’ self-defense classes! Throughout our program, you’ll learn a unique blend of modern-day martial arts, traditional kung fu, and advanced ground fighting techniques. Obviously, the best self-defense is avoiding confrontation. Unfortunately, this is not always the case on the streets. As most fights go to the ground, our training includes life-saving ground self-defense techniques that you’ll be able to use second-to-nature. Call us today to learn about our programs and start your journey to a safer, more confident self.

woman fighting with male trainer

Gain Confidence, Self-Control, and Discipline

At American Academies of Martial Arts, you’ll learn an effective arsenal of Chinese martial arts systems to gain well-rounded experience in self-defense. Not only that, but you’ll gain an appreciation and knowledge of the arts themselves. You will not only gain confidence by knowing how to protect yourself, but you’ll gain a spatial awareness of how to deal with a situation if it occurs. We set out to give you both a physical and mental edge should uncomfortable problems arise. We train you in a safe, clean, and comfortable environment where you can feel free to learn and apply yourself. Our team of leaders is as friendly as they are professional and knowledgeable.

What You’ll Learn

Not only are our self-defense classes engaging and informative, but they offer a great alternative workout. Learn while improving your health! Throughout our program, you will learn the basics and advanced techniques such as kicking, punching, throwing, choking, locks, submissions, and ground fighting. Take control of your life today and start training at American Academies of Martial Arts.

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Building Confidence, Character, and Self-Defense Skills