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Mark Goblowsky

Owner – HeadMartial Arts Instructor
Since 1988 Mr. Goblowsky has directly shared the beauty, strength and transformative power of Kung-fu with tens of thousands of people throughout the metropolitan area and at seminars around the country while setting the standard for professional martial arts instruction in the Omaha area leading the way with the safest and most effective teaching techniques, facilities, and curriculum.

Chris Vogel

Martial Arts Instructor
Mr. Vogel joined AAMA as a student in 2001 when he was looking for some solid direction in his personal life. He grew to love Kung-Fu and all that it teaches. He now wants to share what he experienced in his own personal development with everybody he crosses paths with. Mr. Vogel became an Instruction Team Member in 2010.

Audra Chronister

Martial Arts Instructor
Audra reluctantly (she say’s she was forced) came in to try martial arts after being pressured by her loving mother and Audra’s excellent friend Angela. It’s funny but once Audra tried class, she realized she loved it. Still a bit shy, Audra’s father decided to join along with her to help her feel more confident. It worked. Audra quickly excelled at something she never dreamed she would do let alone enjoy. Now Audra is an Assistant Instructor on the floor helping other people discover their own confidence and love of the martial arts. She is a solid “A” student with her academics and plans on becoming a Speech Pathologist.

Chris Musgrove

Martial Arts Instructor
Chris is the newest member to our staff. He has been a student here for four years. Chris tried several other martial arts systems when he was younger but their family had to move requiring him to stop. Once he arrived to Bellevue, he knew he wanted to study Kung-Fu so AAMA was the place for him. Chris found Kung-Fu challenging but he persevered, getting stronger mentally and physically. Chris is a solid “B” student who plans to enlist in the U.S. Army to serve our country.

Frank O’Connor

Martial Arts Instructor
Mr. O’Connor began studying martial arts in college while an elite gymnast. He came to AAMA when he brought his son in to try the Little Dragons Program. Not wanting to miss out on an opportunity to increase his fitness level, Mr. O’Connor became a student as well. He earned his Black Sash recently at the age of 60 and coaches our Martial Acrobatics program as well as Kung-Fu students.

Ruben Reyes

Martial Arts Instructor
Martial Arts of any kind definitely wasn’t on the radar for Ruben Reyes or his daughter Rynn who are both students here. Ruben was wanting to do something with his daughter and to improve his own health and fitness. They were watching some random YouTube video’s and one came up featuring some martial arts techniques. Rynn said that was what she wanted to do and so they both ended up in class.

As time went by Ruben got stronger, faster and lost 30 pounds. Rynn’s confidence grew as well. Ruben had no idea how much he would love the training and eventually joined our Leadership Team. Now he can’t imagine not helping in class or training.

Joshua Goblowsky

Martial Arts Instructor
Josh started studying Kung-Fu as a toddler really. As a one-year-old, he crawled across the mat and picked up a spear (from the handle end of course) and never stopped training. He was always at the school with his father, Mark and was full of energy and curiosity about the martial arts. At the age of 3 ½ (he’s now 16) Josh was injured in a hit-and-run with two semi-trucks and left with a massive Traumatic Brain Injury. The TBI left Josh with permanent challenges but it didn’t diminish his Indomitable Spirit. Josh continues to work on regaining his balance and coordination as well as help out around the school by brightening the day with his attitude and smile.

Lisa Robertson

Martial Arts Instructor
Mrs. Robertson started her martial arts training with sport karate in Florida in 1996. She became a student of Kung-Fu at AAMA in 2007 when she enrolled in our school along with her two young sons. Mrs. Robertson and her sons continue to train diligently every week. Mrs. Robertson was invited to become a trusted member of our Instruction Team Member in 2013.

Angela Leach

Martial Arts Instructor
Angela started at AAMA four years ago as a support for here younger brother who didn’t feel confident when he started. Angela had always thought martial arts looked “cool” but never thought she actually train in them. Angela, who was an accomplished gymnastics competitor at the time, thought she hit the jackpot! She liked it so much that after a year, she started helping at the front desk and eventually trained to become an assistant instructor. Now she helps in class with students who need extra attention as well leading our Flexibility and Acrobatics phases of our training. Angela is an “A” student with her academics and plans on becoming a Kindergarten teacher.

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