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Call us for the best Martial Arts Classes for kids and adults in Bellevue, Nebraska, and the surrounding Omaha area.

I’m Shayna Lachey and this is my son Hunter.

Hi, my name’s Hunter and I’ve been doing martial arts … my age is ten and I’ve been doing martial arts for four years.

Originally he was really into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and kind of doing some moves around the house, and I thought well, let’s make this more constructive. And we live in Nebraska city, so I was looking for someplace that was close, so that’s why we landed on this particular school because it was the most convenient at the time, and we were looking to get him into doing more fitness and being able to defend himself. But the reason why we keep coming back is because of the character development.

Every week, they take one of the principles of black sash, break it down into something that the kids can learn, and break down into a certain lesson, and then tell them how this relates to school, how it relates to home, and we’ve kind of embraced that at home, and we keep using the same words … the kung fu words like reset, refocus, remember, and perseverance, and that’s really helped in school also. But we make sure to use the same lessons they teach in kung fu at home, and it’s something that we’ve embraced as a family because both my husband and I have used the same lessons in meetings at work.

I’m a manager and I conduct a lot of meetings, and I throw all these little kung fu nuggets out all the time, and I’m sure people are wondering what’s going on, but it actually works. You tell all the people at work reset, refocus, remember, and they just stop for a second and then they continue on and they’re better at it. So that’s something that’s helped us as a family. Not just him personally, but us as a family, and we’re not even in kung fu.

I would say that it teaches me how to self-defense myself and learn life skills, and it helps you build your mind for when you get older, and how to lay out your life.

I would say don’t flex your quit muscle, ’cause then it makes you wanna quit. If you flex your get doin’ muscle, it helps you get doin’.