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Call 402-731-5425 for the best Martial Arts Classes for kids and adults in Bellevue, Nebraska, and the surrounding Omaha area.

My name’s Maggie. I’m 12 years old and have been doing kung fu at this martial arts school near Omaha in Bellevue for five years.
I just like hanging out with everyone. I like getting to see all the new faces and old faces and be able to be partners with them and work comfortably with them.

Well, my cousins, Jake and Joe, they used to do kung fu, and they were really good, so they were kind of like our inspiration, I guess. Well, so we signed up for kung fu classes here, and that’s … Yeah.

I like weapon forms a lot because you just get to learn so many new things, and how to do all the cool, awesome techniques.

It’s about learning how to get along with people, so you’ll be prepared, and you can have fun with people that you’re sparring with.

Kung fu’s definitely not about beating people up. It’s about learning with them and exploring new techniques with them.

I would suggest to a boy or girl 12 years old to take martial arts and Kung Fu classes here because they can learn so many things, and they’re prepared for anything. Like in school, you’re focused more, because you’ve learned about what to do.