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When I started my journey in the martial arts, I had been wanting to do it for a bunch of years, but I was kind of scared.
So, I would go to school after school, check it out, talk to the instructor, even plan to come back the next day. I’d make a promise I’d come back but I wouldn’t. I never showed up. This went on for six years and I don’t know how many different schools.

Finally, I found myself in Korea serving in the military and I had to make a choice. The art that I wanted to study was Kung Fu. I end up at this Kung Fu school and I’m standing outside the door in the same kind of panic and worry and concern like I’m going to look stupid, I’m going to get hurt. Everybody else in there is going to be better than me. All these kind of thoughts and feelings came back.

I realized that if I don’t get pass this, if I don’t go into this school right now then I’m going to be afraid the rest of my life. The idea of being afraid the rest of my life actually motivated me to reach out, turn that doorknob and walk through that door and my life has never been the same. That was 30 years ago.

But just this idea of being afraid the rest of my life I thought at that point no matter what’s on the other side of that door, no matter what difficulty, the pain of being afraid was going to be far worse than any discomfort I might experience there. I got to tell you, none of my fears came true. Everybody in the school was great. They ware helpful. I didn’t get beat up. People were there to actually help me get better.

So, I encourage you, if you got some fears or some hesitation but you’ve always thought well maybe I would like it or maybe this would be good for me, do it. Don’t hesitate. You’re welcomed here.

We’ll walk you through and answer any questions you have about our Martial Arts School near Omaha in Bellevue, Nebraska.
Just give us a call, 402-731-5425. I understand where you’re coming from so just reach out. We’re glad to have you here. Thanks.