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Three of our top Kung Fu Instructors talk about how Martial Arts in Bellevue Nebraska has helped them at ANY AGE!
Below is a rough transcript of their amazing conversation.

One-year anniversary in kung fu, right? One.


Thank you. When I showed up, I had my big knee surgery; I was still limping, still had a problem, and now there’s no pain anymore. Just doing the exercises and everything that we do has strengthened it, and now I can run, and I can do everything that I need to do. It doesn’t hurt anymore.

I was telling someone recently, one of our students, Dr. Brown, who relates a story that before kung fu he had to wear orthotics, and a couple of years after he doesn’t need orthotics anymore.

My personal story, through collegiate gymnastics and dance that I did then, I had a lot of scar tissue in my shoulder. I got to the point where I had been away from kung fu for not as much as I used to, for about a year-and-a-half, and my shoulders were really hurting. I couldn’t lift my arm up to comb my hair; I told you that story. I couldn’t reach across my body to check on my personal hygiene.

My kung fu was suffering because I couldn’t do a good cat; I couldn’t extend my arm. I can now.


The one that was really hard for me to do was doing Hung Gar breathing and pushed my arms straight, and horizontally I’d do it down here and kind of like lift it up, I’d extend it up like that, at the correct height.


Through those kung fu drills I’ve done, my mobility is coming back.


I’m reshaping and re-healing my body just from doing what we do here. Thank you, Mr. [phonetic][00:01:41] student.

My pleasure. I mean I’m forty and I’ve never been the shape that I’m in right now – period, bar none, at no point in my life.

I’m sixty-five in May, and I don’t care. I love Kung Fu and Martial Arts!

I’ll add to that because I’ll be fifty-one soon, and I agree: I think I’m in better shape now than I was when I was in my thirties. All the kung fu is beneficial because it helps with everything that you do every single day; it makes every other activity that much better because you’re that much stronger, you’re that much more coordinated, and you just have the mobility.

You were talking about working in the garden.


Now, as opposed to in the past.

Yes. In the past, I would spread the mulch in the garden, and be bent over and, “Oooh.” Now, I get down, I drop down, and I do the mulch on this side; I go to this side, I drop down, I do the mulch on that side, and I reach behind me. You know, the mulch gets done a lot faster, I feel good doing it, and there’s no aches and pains afterward.


Call 402-731-5425 to work with Lisa or any of our amazing Kung Fu Martial Arts Instructors.